Saturday, August 9, 2014

World Peace

Take a look at what our military interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan have led to.

With more than 1,000,000 deaths in the region, in the long run, they have only led to more terrorism, with no sign of any peace anywhere or any time in the near future. With every innocent civilian we kill, each of their many relatives hates the U.S., with some portion becoming active terrorists. Do the math to imagine how many Muslems now want to kill Westerners, with Islamic Jihad to supply the supporting ideology.

As a result of the unintended consequences of our interventions, IS is orders of magnitude bigger, more organized, and more murderous than Al Qaeda ever was. IS recalls the original Islamic horde that conquered the known world from Southern to Norther India.

And what do many critics and journalists say? They criticize Obama because he hasn't bombed Syria, Iran, IS, or the Eastern Ukraine, etc. They want more of the same solution that has expanded the problem in the first place.

Recent American history shows that limited war and police actions never work in the long run. And look at Israel's situation. There are more than one billion Muslems in the world. No matter how much military force is used, I fear that there will always be an expanding, critical mass of terrorists who want to either kill us or force us to convert to Islam.

If this middle east thing expands any more, we may not have any choice but to engage in a World War III which will surely result in the deaths of a large portion of the people living in the middle east. But a military annihilation of all terrorists is an statistical impossibility.

We need to find a way to wage peace. We need vigorous, creative leadership and conflict resolution. We need a Savior.

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