Thursday, September 25, 2014

Summary, 2014 Communion and Liberation Fraternity Exercises, Friday Evening

In light of the example of the women at the tomb of the resurrected Christ...
Of our faith, we struggle with the gap between intention and experience. We desire to be seized anew. In order to make the gap smaller, we must go back to the essential, which is to focus solidly on Jesus Christ, starting with the Presence. Fr. Giussani has given us the method for doing this which is to observe ourselves in action (self-knowledge). This requires a commitment of our whole life. But we are warned not to automatically nod our heads and say yes--"A mechanical answer will not suffice." We are further warned to not reduce the issue to a focus on our errors, sins, or inconsistencies, but rather to focus primarily on self-awareness (the necessary precursor for self-knowledge) and what we actually love and pursue. The journey towards God is not an uninterrupted gentle ascent to God but a struggle, a lifelong journey of ups and downs--"The journey to truth is an experience." Hence, we must deal with our daily circumstances realistically and directly, and this will result in our religious maturity. The turmoil of life will shake us deeply at times, but it cannot be avoided. "The world will laugh, and you will cry." All of this, the method of Giussani, makes us aware of our needs and helps us to become ourselves.

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