Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Generation Gap

The Generation Gap: the concept, the phrase, is about as dead as the Nehru Jacket, which I had kind of liked. Of course I had heard of The Game of Thrones, but have never seen an episode. I tend to confuse it with The Hunger Games. I guess I assumed it was some sort of gamer/fantasy/anime thing. Then I found out that my older son was watching it, kind of intensely, and on his laptop of course. He convinced my younger son to start watching it too, and now he's into it. Objectively, that tells me that there is something about the show. And I did accidentally stumble upon a review that said it was rather sophisticated. But strangely, given that both of my sons were into it, any curiosity that I may have about it evaporated, like this was their thing, not mine. I feel that if I were to start watching, it would be as if it was 1969, and my parents suddenly started listening to the Beatles. The other day I asked my older son if he still watched Game of Thrones. He said yes and enthusiastically told me that I ought to watch it too. But I felt like I imagine my parents might have felt in 1969 had I enthusiastically told them that they ought to start listening to Bob Dylan.

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