Saturday, August 6, 2016

Dream of Macbeth

I attended the opening night of a performance of Macbeth.  I only went because @carly j Bauer was an assistant producer.  But part of the production was that at the end of the play, select members of the audience were told that had been assigned to roles in the play, and they will be performing the roles one week from now, on the same stage.   I was assigned the role of King Macbeth.  I had one week to learn my lines, with no rehearsals before the performance  Well, I thought about it and stressed out.  I thought of how I could possibly memorize all of my lines in a week. It would take all of my free time.  And since a week isn't really enough time, I thought I should write all of the lines down on index cards and have them with me when I perform them. And of course, I would have no idea when to enter the stage, where to stand, move, the timing, or who to address my lines to.  It felt like it was too much, and I didn't want to do it.  I did not see it as a positive or fun challenge.  Emotionally, I crumpled--I didn't think I could do it, and I decided to back out.  Dream Interpretation: Of challenges at work; failing or quitting before even trying a challenge; lack of confidence; not up to a challenge; not considering the rewards, learning, or growth that might result.

The night before the dream, Due to having resolved a number of things at work, I was suddenly feeling a sense of confidence, a "can do" attitude, an attitude of putting in extra effort to understand and resolve things.  So I suspect the dream actually signals that I am about to overcome the thing that it expresses.

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