Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tripping on Coffee

When I was in college--Stevens Institute of Technology--there was a Cuban guy named Angelo with a food truck parked between two of the classroom buildings.  We assume he got his beans from some connection at the Maxwell House roasting warehouse which was at the North end of Hoboken. We don't know if he added anything to it, but to this day, his coffee was the most powerful and flavorful coffee anyone has ever tasted. It was as irresistible as it was powerful. To add to the picture, he sold chili dogs that were simply outrageous, one of kind culinary experiences, never to be found anywhere else, ever again. One of the school's organizations did eventually formally acknowledge and express appreciation to Angelo and his food truck, for the elevated quality of life it brought to an otherwise dreary campus of academic grind. And at this point I feel a little guilty--like I should have never mentioned this--to understand the experience of Angelos coffee and chili dogs, you had to have imbibed and eaten. You just don't know.

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